Prince Makes Fun of Paris Hilton

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During Prince’s April 20th performance at Club 3121 in Vegas, the legendary musician spotted Paris Hilton in the audience and invited her on stage. Then it got awesome:

As a “delighted” Hilton obliged, Prince, 48, handed her the mic and told the audience, “Let’s see if she can really sing,” says the witness. Hilton stormed offstage – and left the club two songs later.”

Prince would have a hard time beating up a 5th grader, but now he’s officially my new hero. Paris Hilton is completely useless in every possible way, so it’s always good to see anyone remind her of that by totally demeaning and demoralizing her. Speaking of which, how long will the Olympic committee fail to recognize that as a sport? Tell me, just how long will this travesty be tolerated?