Hailee Steinfeld Is Looking Hot And Spicy For ‘Cosmo’

Photo: Instagram/Hailee Steinfeld

Nothing against Cosmo or any other fashion magazine out there, but unless you’re a massive fan of Hailee Steinfeld and want to know everything about her, you’re probably not going to take a few minutes out of your life to read their interview with her so you can find out what occurred during her first kiss. Not exactly earth-shattering news — and we know all about earth-shattering news. Right? Right. But you folks are interested in seeing the photos that accompanied the interview, so of course we have to share them with you.

The hot 20-year-old singer and Oscar nominated actress teamed up with Cosmo in order to take some pretty hot photos. So let’s start by checking out the cover of the magazine below.

Now check out the rest below.

And let’s wrap it up with this photo from Steinfeld’s Instagram that has nothing to do with the shoot above:

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