Is What Laci Kay Somers Has On Considered A Shirt?

Photo: Instagram/Laci Kay Somers

Earlier on in the summer I reached out to Mandatory’s loyal fans in order to asks you all if what Rachel McCord was wearing considered a shirt. The general consensus was that it doesn’t matter because McCord is smoking hot. And I agreed. But now I have another fashion-related question. But this time the gal in the spotlight is Laci Kay Somers.

Just a reminder that Laci is a 25-year-old blonde bombshell who has 8.5 million followers on Instagram. Laci has also done work for Playboy Magazine and GlamRock Magazine. And now that you know that, let’s get back to my question. Is what Laci is wearing in this photo considered a shirt?

Take a look at the photo below thanks to Laci’s Instagram.

I mean, maybe? It is covering most of her goods. And there is also enough fabric to have, “It’s All Good, Baby Baby” on it. So perhaps it is a shirt. While we all contemplate, let’s take a look at more of Laci.

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