Kim Kardashian Ass: The Hero We All Need

Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

We’ve already mentioned in an earlier post that the Kardashians are something similar to modern-day superheroes and Kim is probably the leader of the pack. However, what would be her superpower? What is that one thing that stands out about her? OK, we’ll go ahead and say it. It would have to be that Kim Kardashian ass that is the center of her power and the most important part of her superhero persona. In order to justify such a statement, here are some photos from her Instagram that emphasize her mighty posterior.

Vigilant Ass

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Let us first take a look at this seemingly innocent picture of Kim posing on the beach next to some rocks in a skin-colored swimsuit. There’s nothing out of the ordinary there, right? Wrong! If you inspect the picture closely, you’ll see that Kim Kardashian’s ass is self-aware. As Kim is posing, the ass is looking in a whole different direction, remaining vigilant and ready to strike at any time. It is certainly her most reliable weapon.

Ass Training

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Again, at a first glance, you might think that this is just a normal exercising routine for Kim with her coach. Of course, you can’t be more wrong. It’s actually her ass that’s exercising here, which you can see by the coach’s eyes fixed on her behind. Chances are, Kim is not even aware of what’s happening there. She’s just going along for the ride.

Kanye West’s Best Friend

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Of course, that Kim Kardashian ass isn’t all about the work. Sometimes, it’s OK to relax and have a chat with your best friend, which here just so happens to be Kanye West. As you can see in this picture, though Kanye loves Kim dearly, he is crouching down to have a word or two with her ass, his old friend. Oh, the adventures the two of them had over the years. Sometimes they spend hours conversing, reminiscing the good old days until Kim’s legs start to hurt and she needs to sit down.

Underwater Ass Adventures

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In one of her adventures (we’re just guessing the ass is a she), Kim Kardashian ass had to fight an evil underwater mutant who threatened to destroy the entire Earth. In order to pay tribute to such an amazing piece of history, Kim posted the video of her ass practicing the underwater techniques. You might think that the ass is actually drowning but don’t worry, no asses were harmed during the making of this video. It’s a fact.

Undercover Kim Kardashian Ass

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Although there aren’t many photos of this famous behind in action, here is what it looks like when she goes on an undercover mission. Kim cleverly put on a hat to hide from all the paparazzi and lurking enemies (which are basically the same in the world of celebrity superheroes). The reason why this copper-colored dress is so tight and almost see-through is so that the ass could observe the situation properly and spot any potential perpetrators.

Asses Just Want to Have Fun


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Finally, it’s not all about work. Even asses sometimes need a break from the tough superhero life. Here is a photo of Kim enjoying along with her famous ass and hopefully a friend. It looks like all three of them are having the time of their life, and it’s a well-deserved vacation. Work hard, party hard.

Which one of Kim Kardashian ass adventures is your favorite? Why?