Hottest Instagram Accounts You Don’t Know About

Photo: miljko (Getty Images)

Let’s be honest for a second here. Despite what they say, most people use Instagram to stalk celebrities, their exes, and various random hot girls. So, in light of that, we’ve decided to show you some of the hottest Instagram accounts you know nothing about but really should. These are girls who are hot and, most important of all, not afraid to show it. Since there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the female beauty in all its forms, feel free to browse without limitations and follow the ones you like. So, let’s start.


No, we’re not talking about the band here, although some people probably find Phil Collins sexy as well. Genesis is one dangerously hot girl with 2 million followers and enough posts to keep you happy for months.

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Here you can see Genesis in a quite unique situation. Namely, she remembered she didn’t pay her bills and was about to start worrying when she realized she’s so hot they’ll probably just wipe away the entire debt. It sure is another day in paradise for Genesis, isn’t it?

Sarah Scotford

If you’re more into blondes, you ought to glance at Sarah Scotford who only has a handful of followers at the moment (the modest number of 24.5k). This means that she’s more likely to see your desperate attempts at declaring your love in her comment section.

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This picture is basically a proof that these types of girls are always the result of the government’s secret cloning experiments. They look so much alike that they are required to wear at all times their assigned letters in the facility. You see, science can also do some good from time to time.

Cherie Noel

We move on to Cherie Noel, a model we know nothing about except that she’s mind-numbingly hot and, truth be told, we don’t need to know anything more. The fact that she only has something below 60k followers just means that people on the web know nothing.

A post shared by Cherie Noel (@cherienoel) on

In this post, Cherie thought she’d share with us her favorite way of eating oysters. Yes, she usually sits half-naked in a puddle near the ocean, eats at least two oysters and then pretends she’s Disney’s Ariel. We all do this from time to time, so who can blame her?

Ashley Schultz

According to her profile, Ashley Schultz is also a musician but, honestly, we never got around to hearing her tunes because we were too busy gawking at her amazing body. She probably has many more talents, but this is all we need for now.

A post shared by Ashley Schultz (@ashxschultz) on

Here is a picture of Ashley from her school days, raising her hands to answer the teacher’s question about the Einstein’s theory of relativity. Who says that brains don’t get along with beauty?

Christen Harper

Christen Harper is a model from LA and that’s pretty much all we know. However, you know that old – a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, here are a thousand words.

A post shared by Christen Harper (@christenharper) on

Based on this, you could say that pink is Christen’s color. However, if you take a look at all of her other photos, you’ll see that all colors are her colors basically.

Julia Lescova

We’ll end the list off with a Latvian beauty called Julia Lescova. Why? Simply because we can.

A post shared by Julia Lescova (@julialescova) on

Don’t be surprised, this is how all Latvians sit. It just so happens that Julia does it extremely well.

Do you agree with our opinion that these are the 6 hottest Instagram accounts right now? Let us know if you find something hotter.