When Sara Jean Underwood Goes Kayaking She Does It In A Super Tiny Bathing Suit

Photo: Instagram/Sara Jean Underwood

I’ve never been kayaking, but something tells me that I probably wouldn’t look as good as Sara Jean Underwood did when she recently decided to get her row on. That’s what kayakers say, right? Get your row on?

When the model isn’t taking in the sights of all that nature has to offer she’s hitting the waters with her kayak. And sure, the video below proves that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but that doesn’t matter because the 33-year-old decided to kayak in a super tiny bikini. And that’s fine with us.

Check out the video below thanks to Underwood’s Instagram.

Quite mesmerizing. And you know what else is mesmerizing? These other photos of Underwood.

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