Company Getting Bashed For Telling Women To Send Ass Photos In Order To Win A Free Vacation

Photo: Facebook/Surf Europe

Hell, I would gladly send them a photo of my butt for a chance at a free vacation. What’s that? They won’t want a photo of my butt? Makes sense.

A company called Surf Europe has been getting bashed left and right for offering gals a free vacation if they send in a photo of their butt — which sounds like a ploy to simply get ass photos in order to perv out. In a Facebook video, that has since been pulled down, the company says this: “Good story, your favorite Russian surf camp in Sri Lanka, is running a comp to win a free trip there, by uploading your backside. Good luck.”

surf europe3

Photo: Facebook/Surf Europe

Yep, they even wish all these gals good luck in taking a photo of their ass. And obviously, people weren’t happy.

Facebook user Allessandra Paccamiccio said: “Surf Europe, this is the moment I unsubscribe from your page. Give people surf news, not stupid, sexist, immature junk.”

surf europe2

Photo: Facebook/Surf Europe

While Dominque Kent wrote: “Not cool at all, thought we had moved forward, very sexist, I’m ashamed of you Surf Europe.”

A lot more people were calling it “sexist trash.”

Now check out the video below thanks to YouTube before it is also taken down.

h/t The Sun

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