Brie Larson And Her Perfect Cleavage Posed For Vanity Fair

Photo: Instagram/Brie Larson 

In case you didn’t notice by how Brie Larson looked at the Kong: Skull Island premiere, Larson has quite the cleavage. And yes, the woman of course is a fantastic actress who will be reeling in plenty of roles for years to come. But her goods will be coming along for the ride, and boy are they a sight to see. And the 27-year-old decided to show off her goods a tad more for Vanity Fair.

The Oscar winner teamed up with the fashion magazine for quite the photo shoot. And let’s be honest, the focus was on Larson’s boobs, because like we said they are quite the pair. And yes, just another reminder that I actually have a college degree. Shocking, I know.

But enough about me. It’s time for you to check out these photos. Let’s first start with what Vanity Fair shared on their Instagram. Here’s the cover featuring Larson.

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Yep. We know where your attention went. Now check these out.

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And we have more where that came from.

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Boy, Captain Marvel sure is looking good.

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