Hot Portuguese DJ Goes Viral After A Live Set Surprise

Photo: Instagram/Mari Ferrari

Listen, we know that being a DJ isn’t exactly enough to call yourself an actual musician. It’s like Nickelback telling everyone they are musicians. Sorry, Chad. But one hot DJ decided to shake things up a tad, and it paid off because now people are paying attention to her “music.”

Portuguese DJ Mari Ferrari has gone viral after a live DJ set earned her over a million views? And yet it was pretty much a genius move on Ferrari’s part. Ferrari live streamed herself DJ-ing for an hour and 16 minutes — with a poster behind her that read ‘I will be famous because of sexism.’

Well unless you’re a huge fan of this type of music, which you probably aren’t, people who stuck around only did because of Ferrari’s…um…assets. Well, then the surprise came. Check out a short version of this stream below thanks to Ferrari’s Instagram.

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Regardless of how you feel about this ploy, it’s a pretty bold move. Ferrari pretty much made fans people stick around for her music by “enhancing” her goods, only to show the “real” her. Which if you ask me still looks great.

Before Ferrari reveals her surprise, some folks were making comments that pretty much proved Ferrari’s point. Comments included:

So what precisely is she doing other than being made of 90% plasic (silicone) turning some nobs(that don’t seem to be changing anything) and “dancing” horribly?

And another stated:

Omg tha body look so gross and fake.

Well, it worked, because now everyone is talking about her. And sure, the music may not be everyone’s cup of tea (or anyone’s), but Ferrari can call this a successful mission.

Before this, Ferrai was already pretty popular on Instagram. Here are some reasons why.

A photo posted by Mari Ferrari (@djmariferrari) on

A photo posted by Mari Ferrari (@djmariferrari) on

A photo posted by Mari Ferrari (@djmariferrari) on

A photo posted by Mari Ferrari (@djmariferrari) on


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