Hilary Duff In A Tiny Pink Bikini Should Be Enough To Get You Through Today

Photo: Instagram/Hilary Duff

Since Hilary Duff showing off her boobs on Snapchat was a good time, and since the majority of you seemed to enjoy taking a look at the 29-year-old in bed in just panties, it’s time we take another look at what Lizzie McGuire has been up to recently. And let’s just say that she’s been spending some time on the beach while you’ve been freezing your buns off.

That’s right, folks, Duff decided to hang out on the beach recently, and her choice of bikini was just a tiny pink one. So check out these photos, because something tells us you’re going to enjoy them.

Let’s kick it off with this one.

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And now enjoy these.

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Well, we are glad it’s hot wherever Duff is.

h/t Bro Bible

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