The 13 Hottest Women From ‘Mad Men’

Fans of “Mad Men” know it’s wrapping up its series finale this Sunday, May 17th on AMC. Yes, we’ve followed the ups and downs of Sterling Cooper (and all the other names) for seven seasons, especially Don’s rocky road with identity and infidelity. But after all the cigarette smoke has cleared, and the scent of bourbon wafts away, along with the period clothes and hairstyles, what we’re really going to remember are the buffet of babes who entranced Don Draper and the other gentlemen. So take a stroll down memory lane with the 13 hottest girls to ever appear on “Mad Men.”

Peyton List

13 hottest girls from mad men, peyton list

Peyton List played Jane Sterling, one of Roger Sterling’s ex-wives. She was also briefly Don’s secretary.

Cara Buono

13 hottest girls from mad men, carlo buono

Cara played Dr. Faye Miller, a consumer researcher who ends up having an affair with Don Draper. Can you blame him?

Caity Lotz

13 hottest girls from mad men, caity lotz

Caity Lotz played Anna Draper’s niece, Stephanie. Don, of course, hit on her.

Linda Cardellini

13 hottest girls from mad men, linda cardellini

Linda played Sylvia Rosen, one of Don’s neighbors, who (is this a cliche yet?) had an affair with him. Fans may remember he went a little too far in his control over her, leaving her waiting for him all night.

Abigail Spencer

13 hottest girls from mad men, abigail spencer

Abigial Spencer played Suzanne Farrell, Sally’s teacher. Don obviously had an affair with her in Season 3. (Has anyone invented a ‘Mad Men’ drinking game, yet?)

Anna Camp

13 hottest girls from mad men, anna camp

Anna Camp played Bethany Van Nuys, a friend of Jane Sterling. (Of course, you may also recognize her from the “Pitch Perfect” movies.)

Julia Ormond

13 hottest girls from mad men, julia ormond

1990’s hottie Julia Ormond played Marie Calvet, Don’s French mother-in-law, who gave Roger Sterling a nice welcome on her knees.

Alexis Bledel

13 hottest girls from mad men, alexis bledel

Alexis played Beth Dawes, wife of insurance salesman Howard Dawes, who had an affair with Pete Campbell. In real life, Alexis is married to Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Pete.

Rainey Qualley

the 13 hottest girls from mad men, rainey qualley

Rainey Qualley (daughter of actress Andie MacDowell) played Cindy, one of the models auditioning for an ad campaign earlier this season.

Jessica Pare

13 hottest women from mad men, jessica pare

Jessica Pare plays Megan Draper, Don’s most recent ex-wife. She used to be a front desk receptionist, but then became a working actress. The rumor mill thinks she may be killed off in the finale.

January Jones

13 hottest girls from mad men, january jones

January Jones plays the stunning ice-queen Betty Francis (formerly Betty Draper). She’s Don’s ex-wife, mother of his children, and *spoiler alert* was diagnosed with cancer on the latest episode.

Alison Brie

13 hottest women mad men, alison brie

Alison Brie plays Trudy Campell, divorced from Pete Campbell. But as of last week, she and Pete rekindled their relationship. (Alison has loads of fans from “Community” as well.)

Christina Hendricks

13 hottest women from mad men, christina hendricks

Last but certainly not least is Christina Hendricks, who plays the voluptuous Joan Harris, former office manager who went on to become a partner. She doesn’t walk down the hallway; she sways. We’re going to miss her.