Watch Fitness Model Paige Hathaway Get Spanked by an Elephant

If you’re not familiar with Paige Hathaway, do yourself a favor and call in sick to work tomorrow and get caught up.

According to COED, the sexy fitness model has been enjoying the holidays in Thailand with a friend, and somewhere between go-karting, hanging on the beach with monkeys and getting some quality pool time, she decided to stop by some place that had an elephant that could spank chicks with its trunk on command.

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We’re not up to speed with Thailand’s legal system these days, but we’re pretty sure that if one of the elephant’s handlers would have tried any of those maneuvers, they would have been arrested or caned. We’re also pretty sure that if the elephant would have died mid-spanking, the phrase “At least he died doing what he loved” would have finally been used correctly.

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