We Predict The NFL Playoffs With Jaime Edmondson Photos

We’re only five weeks into the season, but we thought we’d go ahead and predict the Super Bowl winner because – well – Jaime Edmondson is just really fine.

In the AFC Championship game… Broncos vs. Chiefs
jaime edmondson nfljaime edmondson nfl

In the NFC Championship game… Seahawks vs. Saints
jaime edmondson nfl
jaime edmondson nfl
The Super Bowl matchup will be (drumroll)… Broncos vs. Seahawks
The winner will be (bigger drumroll)… THE BRONCOS!!!!
In the words of Vicky Vallencourt, “Ain’t no guess. That’s what it’s gonna be.” Now, go to your closest casino sports book and put all your money down.

Honorable Mention: Carolina Panthers (simply by virtue of having the hottest photo)
jaime edmondson nfl