Yael Markovich

Yael Markovich is an Israeli-American model and beauty queen probably best known for being named Miss International Israel 2012 and Miss Grand International Israel 2013. She’s been featured in a variety of websites, including Maxim and the Israeli Post. She was voted the 16th hottest Jewish woman under 40 by Ranker.com. Her measurements are 34B-24-34.

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Yael Markovich is a mix of Syrian/Turkish and Polish ancestry. She can speak English and Hebrew.

Though born in Israel, when she was five, her family moved to America and ended up in Queens, New York before moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She actually moved to Los Angeles to make a go of launching a career as a make-up artist. She was the makeup artist on a photo-shoot and the model was running late, so the photographer “had me stand in to test the lighting and background. The test shots came out great and I’ve been modeling ever since.”

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Yael Markovich added, “I was always the shy one in school, but when I finished high school I decided I needed a change, so I moved to LA, which ultimately gave me the confidence boost I needed to become the independent woman I am today!”

She said her family and friends were everything to her. “My family is the typical Middle Eastern family: loving and loud.” She admires her parents “because they have instilled the morals and values that have made me the person I am.”

Her favorite place in Israel is the Dead Sea.

Yael Markovich attended Santa Monica College and then the University of Southern California, where she studied Business Administration. She went on to open her own boutique spa in Beverly Hills.

She thinks her best physical asset is her smile. “I take very good care of myself, especially my teeth! Moreover, I embrace my curvaceous body and think curves are sexy! Most women can relate to a body like mine rather than a model that is emaciated.”

As for wining beauty contests, Yael Markovich said, “I never thought I had the height or the body.” Her favorite part of the contest is “learning about the culture of the host country and making life long friends with the organization and delegates.”

As for love, she said, “I’ve been in love in the past, but no man has captured my heart…yet! While I know a perfect man does not exist, I will settle for the perfect man for me.” Her guy should be smart, funny, adventurous and successful.

Yael Markovich is currently single and resides in Los Angeles.

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