Veronika Zemanova

Veronika Zemanova is the gold standard of glamour models. Born in the Czech Republic, her measurements are 36D-24-36 and she weighs 120 pounds.

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Veronika Zemanova was born in a small town in Communist Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). Growing up, she lived on a farm in the mountains.


Maybe inspired by the “Velvet Revolution” and the end of the Cold War, when she was 18, she moved to Prague when she was 18 in order to work as a photographer. From 1993-97 she made a living at it. It all came to an end in 1997 when her equipment was stolen from her car and she gave up her career.


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Story goes that as she developed, she didn’t like the treatment she got from men - that she wasn’t respected as a woman with goals, but simply as an object of sexual desire, and so she deliberately wore baggy trousers and huge sweaters.


A few years later, and deeply in debt, Veronika Zemanova got an offer to pose as a model, and she accepted. Her original stage name was Eva, but due to a production error, her real name was published. From then on, she dropped her stage name and went by her real one.


She said she feels uncomfortable seeing the pictures she’s posed for.


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Though she is known for mainly solo and girl-girl shoots, there is supposedly an early video of her with a man who is holding a camera. The scene ends awkwardly with her running out of the room. The director said at the last moment Veronika Zemanova refused to do hardcore.


She got married to an unknown man in 2003 and she reportedly said he was the “first real guy who cared more about my brains and less about my breasts.”


Veronika Zemanova has since retired from the skin game.


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