Valeria Orsini

Valeria Orsini is a glamour model and an aspiring actress. She is probably best known for her hot Instagram shots.

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Valeria Orsini is a mix of Columbian, Italian and Puerto Rican ancestry. As such, it’s no surprise she speaks English and Spanish. Her measurements are 34C-24-34 and she weighs 103 pounds. Per her site, she’s been featured in calendars for “Latin Mix,” walked runways for Tara Love, and hosted clubs across America.


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Valeria Orsini was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lived there until she was two. Later, she and her family moved to Miami where she was raised.


She attended Keiser University for Occupational Therapy. She said the average person would say she is “down to earth” and has a “big heart.” She got into modeling after a photographer friend saw potential in her. It all began a year after she graduated high school and was studying at her university.


She’s a good dancer and she loves sushi. For fun, she likes tanning with her girlfriends. As for travel, she loves the beaches of Thailand.


If she were a superhero she would like to read minds and go back in time.


As for men, Valeria Orsini likes “a smart man that can teach me things, that also has my back and will protect me, but someone down to earth to level out my crazy life.” Her biggest turn-on is “someone that’s fun and makes me laugh no matter what we’re doing.” She doesn’t kiss on the first date. “You gotta work for those.”


Her turn-offs include “guys that talk really loud of always [think] they’re right and don’t know where they’re standing.” The worst place, she thinks to find a man, is at a club.


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When asked in an interview with Mixed Magazine if she’s a giver or taker, Valeria Orsini said, “A taker, but I won’t abuse it. I’ll reward it.”


The thing about her that everyone should know is “Don’t cross me…if I’m mad, just walk away and leave me alone.”


Valeria Orsini enjoys modeling, but in acting she can be silly, crazy, loud and let her imagination run wild. She also does Muay Thai 4-5 times a week and would to star in a kickass-fighting movie.

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