Trieste Kelly Dunn

Trieste Kelly Dunn is an American television and film actress. She is known for her roles on series such as Cinemax's "Banshee" as well as films like "United 93" and "Loves Her Gun."

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  • D.O.B. January 14, 1981
  • Age37
  • Hometown Provo, Utah
  • NationalityUSA
  • Current Town Brooklyn, NY
  • Height5' 7"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorHazel
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress
  • Twitter @TriesteKDunn
  • Facebook Facebook Page
  • Marital Status Single


Trieste Kelly Dunn was born on January 14, 1981 in Provo, Utah. Growing up, she became very interested in acting and seemed to have a knack for the craft. That's why once she graduated high school, she decided to enroll at the North Carolina School of the Arts to study theater. During this time, she threw herself into her work, starring in a number of student films made by her fellow classmates.

While she starred in small roles in little known films for several year after college, it wasn't until 2006 that Trieste caught her first big break. Not only was she cast in a guest role on the popular NBC procedural "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," but more importantly, she was hired onto the 9/11 drama film "United 93." Not to make light of the tragedy in any way, but it was this mass exposure to an ailing nation that likely lead to her acting career receiving a huge boost. By 2008 she was starring in her first recurring role on the series "Canterbury's Law," which she followed up with numerous guest spots on famous television series such as "Fringe," "Bored to Death," and "Brothers & Sisters" over the next several years.

In 2010, Trieste was named one of the "25 New Faces of Independent Film" by Filmmaker Magazine, while the LA Times praised her as a breakout star. Sure enough, by 2015, she had at least another dozen film and television credits to her name, the most well-known being that of Deputy Siobhan Kelly on the Cinemax original series "Banshee." If the rate of her career by that point is any indication, we look to see her becoming a huge star within the next few years as most.

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