Teal Conrad

Teal Conrad is an adult model and actress probably best known for being a Twisty’s Treat of the Month for August 2012.

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Per her imdb page, Teal Conrad has two older half brothers and grew up in a well-do-to family. Per an interview with adultdvdtalk, she lost her virginity on November 13, Friday the 13th. “I couldn’t tell you the year off the top of my head, but I had been with my boyfriend of the time for about a year. I would love to bang him again.”


She said she was a sexual person. “I had a couple boyfriends I really got down with. I was also quite the lesbian when I was younger…we first fucked each other when we were in 6th grade.” She said she’s been masturbating since she was six. “I do it all the time. When I’m driving, when I’m stuck in traffic.”


Teal Conrad grew up in Oregon and was a mainstream fitness model and worked as a Zumba instructor before she got involved in the skin biz. She got into the adult industry when she was in Los Angeles under contract with Oakley and Nike. “I was there and I decided to do something that was more about me. Get nude and be young, wild and free! I was 18 years old!”


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Teal Conrad has been surprised most about defying porn stereotypes: “It’s all very, very professional.” She likes “doing something and feeling good about it; making a product and seeing that people like it.”


Her favorite positions are missionary, cowgirl and doggie. And when a guy finishes, Teal Conrad said she loves “creampies all the way.” She added, “I just like it internally. Put it down my throat, put it wherever you want.” Her first scenes were only solos. “It was like doing Nike naked. I was outside running naked and took my top off and I loved it! I shot my first boy/girl scene 6 months later. I shot it on my birthday so happy birthday to me!”


As for dating, Teal Conrad said, “I like all-natural girls and I like a variety of guys.”


Her family knows about her career. “At the beginning…they hated it. They tried to get me to come home, they sent people to come pick me up…now they see that I’m healthy and saving my money, so they’re ok.” She added, “I want a gangbang! I want to do things that I know my parents don’t want me to do because I’m a rebellious teen.”


She sometimes blogs at her own website. Her hobbies include soccer, camping, snowboarding and tennis. Teal Conrad is currenly single and resides in Los Angeles, California.

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