Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning is an actress, fashion designer and singer-songwriter, as well as a DJ. She is probably best known as the vocalist for the due Boomkat, but she is gaining more popularity for her role in Netflick’s “Orange is the New Black.”

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Taryn Manning appeared on the cover of Playboy in April 2011 and did a 6-page nude pictorial. As a model, she’s done campaigns for Gap, Juicy Couture and Frankie B’s.


She has appeared in a variety of films, such as “Cold Mountain,” “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Hustle & Flow,” as well as TV dramas, including “Burn Notice” and “Hawaii Five-O," among many other projects.


Her parents divorced when she was only two months old, and for many years, Taryn was raised in Tucson. “We grew up very poor, but [my mother] somehow always made it work so I could do my dance classes.” When she was 12, her mother moved to California, where Taryn attended school in Encinitas. When she was 14, however, her father committed suicide. “I was raised in a musical family…we were all about music. My older brother was a hip-hop head.”


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Aside from her other endeavors, Taryn Manning is a champion dancer (she started dancing when she was 12) and has a 3rd degree green belt in Karate. She credits karate with her discipline. “That taught me at a young age how to be powerful, naturally.”


Taryn sings and writes with her brother and band mate, Kellin Manning, in the band Boomkat. She has also embarked on a solo career. (She even landed a song on the “8 Mile” soundtrack.) As to her acting and music career, she said, “What’s great is that I can do both. I love both at certain times, [and then] I don’t love both; there are ups and downs. I’m very lucky.”


She is a second cousin to quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.


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Taryn has a clothing line called Born Uniqorn, as well as her own record company, Little Vanilla Records.


She said, “I’m not shy about sex. I enjoy being a little out there with a Flip camera sometimes…I want to be sexy. I want to be a one-woman show.” As to sexting, she said, “Don’t ever send a picture. Period! That’s my number one rule and regret. It’s just not safe. People break up and get mad. After I did it, I beat myself up over it.”


Taryn Manning resides in Los Angeles, California.

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