Tamara Ecclestone

Born on June 28, 1984 to “Formula 1 Supremo” billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, Tamara Ecclestone is a model, TV personality and entrepreneur. She has a younger sister, Petra, with whom it is reported Tamara has a sibling rivalry. Tamara said, “Listen, people will always try and make something of the rivalry between me and my sister. We are siblings and we fight and compete like any sisters would. But we are very close.” 

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  • D.O.B. June 28, 1984
  • Age34
  • NationalityEngland
  • Current Town London, England
  • Height5' 8"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorBlue
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Model/TV Personality
  • Twitter @TamEcclestone
  • Website http://www.tamaraecclestone.com/
  • Marital Status Engaged
  • Related Celebrities Bernie Ecclestone


Her mother is Croatian born, and a former Armani model who worked hard to “escape her tough, penniless upbringing in Croatia and was determined to keep her girls grounded” (dailymail.co.uk).


Readers can judge if Tamara’s mother succeeded, as Tamara Ecclestone is known for her $1 million handbag collection and posing naked with a million euros of her own money to promote her reality show. (Forbes estimated her father’s wealth in the neighborhood of $2.8 billion.) Tamara boasted that she had sent five people on an expedition up the Amazon to gather crystal that will be used to create a bathtub in her home.


Though Tamara was born in Milan, she was educated in London. She attended the Francis Holland School and studied at the London School of Economics, though she didn’t complete her coursework. She said, “It just wasn’t for me.”


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After she quit her psychology degree, Tamara worked for her father’s F1 magazine. She then left to work for Armani, but couldn’t afford the meager salary. She said, “They paid me peanuts – 15,000 euros. How could anyone expect me to live on that?”


Tamara became a presenter of Channel 4’s “The Red Bull Air Race World Series,” and has also formed her own TV production company. Tamara and her sister also filmed “The Ecclestone Girls,” a British version of “The Simple Life.” (Her sister, Petra, became the new owner of Aaron Spelling’s $85 million, 123-room mansion.)


Tamara later went on to film “Tamara Ecclestone Billion $$ Girl,” a reality TV show in which she gives insight into the everyday life of a socialite. She also posed nude for an anti-fur advertisement for PETA.


In 2011, the lingerie brand Ultimo picked Tamara to front their latest campaign, Ultimo Couture. In 2012, she became the target of a kidnap plot. “Someone was telling me my life was in danger and I was being watched. I felt physically sick” (thesun.co.uk). Martin Peckham had called the racing tycoon’s office and tried to set up a meeting. Peckham was later jailed for five years for the bogus kidnap threat.


Tamara Ecclestone has homes in Los Angeles and London. 

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