Stephanie Rao

Stephanie Rao is a model and brand ambassador, born and raised in Miami, Florida. She's making waves on social media with her popular Instagram (almost 300K followers and counting).

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Stephanie Rao is a beautiful blend of Italian and Puerto Rican ancestry.


You can catch her on Twitter, where she wrote: "I am good but not an angel, I do sin but I'm not the devil."  She wrote on Model Mayhem: "I consider myself to be a likeable yet focused individual. But I have a low tolerance for crap. So in other words I don't take what I love and what I work for lightly."


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As for her likes in life, Stephanie Rao said, "I have a lot of likes. To just name a few: cookies, cats, and just all around chill people who are not afraid to be themselves."


In April 2014, she sued Mase for using a photo of her as cover artwork without her permission. A bit of trivia: Her favorite food is "home cooked meals" and the place she'd like to visit before she dies is Egypt. Her dislikes include "the perception that people have about women from Miami." Her influences are..."this very old man who works at the grocery store, always with a smile on his face as he bags my food. He’s a fighter, I can tell." And when she grows up, all she wants is to be happy.


Stephanie Rao is currently single and resides in Miami, Florida.

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