Stacey Poole

Born on October 22, 1990, Stacey Poole is an English glamour model known for her size FF breasts. She is also known as “Stacey P.”

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She has appeared on the websites Onlytease and U Got It Flaunt It, as well as NUTS magazine. She said of being a “Nuts” girl, “It feels amazing, partly because I didn’t think I’d ever get a chance to meet Lucy Pinder. I’m a bit star-struck.”


Stacey Poole’s measurements are 32FF-24-34.


She told NUTS that she’d love to “jump out of a plane with my boobs out!” When asked about her shoot and being surrounded by boobs, Stacey Poole said, “I love boobs, so this is a bit of a home-from-home for me. I love girls who can walk around with their boobs out and feel comfortable with it.”


Stacey did admit that her boobs sometimes get in the way, “but in a good way. If I reach over to pick something up or if I’m eating something, they’ll knock a glass over. They’re like little weapons of destruction.”


Stacey Poole said if men were allowed to have boobs for a day, they wouldn’t use them responsibly. “I think he wouldn’t stop feeling them and he’d be jumping up and down and testing them to their limit. Boys should not be trusted to own boobs. I don’t know why you’re so fascinated with them, I just think men like something to grab. So I guess the bigger, the better.”


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When asked how other people would describe her, she said “fun, quite outgoing, confident and up for a challenge.”


Stacey Poole said she wouldn’t mind seeing Katy Perry’s boobs. She added that we will never be bored of boobs. “Until humans start being born without boobs, they’ll always provide the world with pleasure.” Stacey admitted she uses her boobs to her advantage, “You have to. That’s what they’re for – to be used and shown to the full. They’re like puppies – you must give them freedom to play.”  Though she has never named her boobs, she said, “I think of them as twins but with different personalities. One loves the spotlight and popping out to show off. The other is more reserved and takes warming up. But they work and look good together.”


As for men with tattoos, she said, “It has to be all or nothing and they have to mean something. Random tattoos are rubbish, but a full sleeve is really sexy.”


Stacey Poole lives in England.

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