Sophia Santi

Sophia Santi is an adult model and actress and Penthouse Pet November 2002, and Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-Up for 2005. She has appeared in over 100 adult films. She is sometimes known as Natalia Cruz, Natalie Cruze, Leticia, Sofia Santi, Letitia or Natalia Cruz.

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Sophia Santi is a mix of Romanian, Mongolian, Black, Irish, German and Cherokee ancestry. Though born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up, she was a tomboy. In high school she worked as a gourmet pizza chef and went to a trade school to become an esthetician.


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Sophia Santi began to model when she was 14. When she was 18 she moved to Arizona, and then at 20, to Los Angeles. She changed her name from Natalia Cruz because she did not own the website to her name and she didn’t want that person to make money from her hard work.


She’s known for her tattoo on her back of a Japanese dragon. Supposedly, since she knew that tattooing was addictive, she got one large one rather than a lot of smaller ones. It didn’t work, as she has since gotten more, including a koi on her side, an Egyptian Ankh on her stomach and a lotus and Arabic prayer on her wrist.


Sophia Santi described herself as bisexual and interested in Tantric philosophies. For a portion of her career, she only did lesbian or solo scenes, but has since moved into boy-girl scenes.


Her most sensitive body part is her neck and her biggest turn-on is “being manhandled. Show me who is the boss!” She said of her first ever scene with five guys: “I wasn’t nervous, I was excited! It was always a personal fantasy of mine to do that and I loved it. It was my favorite scene I have done.”


Sophia Santi said in 2008 that she learned from porn “how to feel sexy when I’m having sex. I have no inhibitions or insecurities anymore.” She thinks her best qualities are that she doesn’t “look like your typical porn star. Also that I love what I do!”


Aside from modeling, she likes painting and playing classical guitar, and she likes all kinds of music “but death metal.” She also likes reading. “I will read the cereal box at breakfast if there’s nothing else. And I like natural medicine.” She describes herself as a science geek. “I have a subscription to National Geographic.”


Sophia Santi resides in Los Angeles and is currently single.

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