Sofia Boutella

If you saw "Kingsman: The Secret Service," then you are definitely familiar with this hot dancer-turned-actress scene-stealer, Sofia Boutella. Or maybe you recognize her from her Nike ads or her role in "StreetDance 2." Most recently, she landed a mysterious but large role in "Star Trek 3." 

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Sofia Boutella was born in Algeria, but at the age of 10 she moved to France. She took part in rhythmic gymnastics and when she was 18, she joined the French national team for the Olympics. Aside from gymnastics, Sofia Boutella took up hip-hop and street dance and was part of a dancing team called the Vagabond Crew. Who knew there was even a championship, but her crew won the World Championship HipHop battle in 2006.


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Not just a pretty dancing face, Sofia Boutella attended Berklee College of Music.


If you're a Madonna fan, maybe you'd recognize Sofia as a dancer from the Confessions Tour. She also auditioned for Michael Jackson's tour This Is It, but couldn't attend because the dates of the Madonna tour overlapped. She said she learned a lot from Madonna: "Discipline, the importance of repetition. When you work with her, she has a story behind the steps. We're not just dancers; she always considers her dancers actors. When I worked with her, she always explained to me why that piece existed, what she wanted to portray. That made me perform the piece on a whole new level than when we were just counting and being musical. I knew why I was doing what I was doing, and it's the same with acting. It's not just words. You have to mean what you say."


As for leaving dancing behind, Sofia Boutella said, "I knew acting was calling me, whether I was good or not it didn't matter. I had to do it." Boutella spent two years auditioning before catching her break in "Kingsman."


As for shooting "Kingsman," she said she learned "to have fun. It is fun. I walked in there a bit nervous. I earned it, I auditioned, but a part of me wondered if I was going to be good enough. A lot of that comes from my dancing background because in dancing it's never good enough. You push to excel, to do something amazing. In acting, I walked in with the same mentality. I'm trying my best now to just have fun. We're playing make-believe."


Sofia Boutella is currenly single and resides in Los Angeles.

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