Shyla Stylez

Born Amanda Hardy, Shyla Stylez is a Canadian adult model and actress with over 390 adult films to her credit, including “Stairway to Anal” and “Justice League of Porn Star Heroes,” among others. Her measurements are 36E-22-32. She is sometimes billed as Shyla Styles, Shyla, Amanda Auclair and Shyla Stylex.

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Shyla Stylez is of German heritage and described herself as a country girl. “Every time I call home my mother tells me that I sound like a Yankee. I think I sound more like an American now.”


In high school, she said she was fun and crazy and had already thought of the adult industry. “There was this guy who turned me into a little bit of a freak. I had a sex aura around me. I could see that other people could see it too, in the way that I got approached.” She lost her virginity at 14 with her boyfriend. “I think it was [too young] but I don’t have any regrets. It’s made me the person I am today.”


As for her career, people back home know all about it. “We have one little store in this small town and right when you walk in they have a display of all my movies. They all know who I am.” She added, “I enjoy the sex in gonzo way more. It’s much quicker and the sex is always much better.”


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As for her breast enhancements, Shyla Stylez said, “They were for me. My whole family is big-breasted and I always wanted bigger breasts.” She added, “I have always been a very sexual person. I don’t think it’s something you can learn. You either have it or you don’t. It’s my gift, I guess.”


In her teens, she moved to Vancouver and worked as a stripper and webcam model. Apparently, in her down time, she contacted studios to find out how to get into adult movies.


When she was 19, Shyla Stylez moved to Los Angeles and worked for Jim Kelly Productions and Anabolic. She eventually married Bob Friedland, the CEO for Jim Kelly. She stayed with the company until 2005 and her subsequent divorce. “I wish I had thought that through more carefully. It was very rushed and I have learned that you really need to take your time with things.”


In 2003, Shyla Stylez was involved in a sex scandal with an assistant sheriff in Orange County. In 2010, Maxim named her one of the 12 top female stars in porn.


As far as how she likes sex, she said, “more often than not I like it hard.” She said she’ll stay in the adult business “as long as I can keep giving it something.” She hates that the industry “gets stereotyped so much and it’s hard to meet people and be honest with what you do for a living because you never really know how people are going to react. With guys, they think who you are in real life is the same way as you are on film. That’s completely untrue. I’m not going to sleep with someone right away when I first meet them.”


Shyla Stylez is currently single and resides in Southern California.

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