Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley is a Canadian actress and director. She is famous for her starring roles in films such as "Go" and "Dawn of the Dead " (2004), as well as directing efforts such as "Away from Her" and "Take This Waltz." 

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  • D.O.B. January 8, 1979
  • Age39
  • NationalityCanada
  • Current Town Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Height5' 2"
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Eye ColorBlue
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress, director
  • Marital Status Married to David Sandomierski
  • Related Celebrities Divorced from David Wharnsby


Sarah E. Polley was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to parents Diane Elizabeth and Michael Polley. Although most actors' childhood years are usually pretty par for the course, the drama behind her story sounds like something out of a soap opera more than real life. While older siblings Mark and Joanna often teased Sarah that she looked nothing like them and that she must have a different father than them, she never looked into it until years later after her mother passed away of cancer when she was just 11. Curious, Sarah then did some digging and discovered that her mother had had an affair with both Geoff Bowes and Harry Gulkin, cast mates of Diane's from a play they'd done in Montreal in 1978. As it turned out through a DNA test, Gulkin was Sarah's actual biological father, and the entire scenario wound up as subject matter in Sarah's 2012 documentary, "Stories to Tell."


Of course, the dramatic aspects of her childhood aside, Sarah knew she wanted to be an actress from a very young age, starring in her first film, Disney's "One Magic Christmas," at age 4. She next gained attention from her role as Sara Stanley on the Canadian series, "Avonlea," which she acted on from 1990 to 1996. In the interim, she continued to act in films and television, which remained a steady gig for the remainder of her acting days. She last starred in 2010's "Trigger" before shifting her efforts to directing.


In 1999, Sarah was asked to direct her first short film, which was titled "The Best Day of My Life." The very same year, she also put out another short, "Don't Think Twice." It wasn't until 2006, however, that she fully immersed herself in that field, making her first official full-length feature debut with "Away from Her." As it turns out, she had a knack for it and the film received rave reviews, even winning her the Genie Award for Best Achievement in Direction. Ever since, Sarah has been considered a brilliant director as well as a talented actress. 

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