Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz is a Canadian adult actress probably best known for being selected as Penthouse Pet of the Year 2011. Nikki Benz is a stage name. Her birth name is Alla Montchak.

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Born in Canada, Nikki Benz is of Ukrainian descent. Growing up, she said she wanted to be an actress. In high school, “I was a good student. I was on the honor roll.” She worked at Starbucks through high school.


She began modeling before she was 18 in bikini, fashion shows and beauty pageants. Once she hit 18, she began a career exotic dancing – something she still does and is one the top feature dancing acts around.


In 2002, at the age of 21, Nikki segued into adult movies through Pleasure Productions. She actually contacted an adult film director to get her start. “Here I was stripping in Toronto to save up money, but I was also getting bored of it all. Going to the same club, seeing the same people over and over again…I realized if I became an international sex symbol I’d bank and I’d finally get that freedom I always wanted…Once I set that goal in my head, I went after it – hard.”


Nikki Benz later worked with Jill Kelly Productions and Teravision. She left Teravision in 2007 due to lack of payment and emotional abuse from CEO Evan Seinfeld, then husband of co-founder Tera Patrick.


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Her measurements are 36D-24-36 and she has appeared in a variety of adult magazines. Her fan base is known as the Benz Mafia.


“I’m proud of my career. I work hard and I do mean hard.” Her proudest moment is becoming a Penthouse Pet of the Year.


Nikki Benz said, “Having sex on film is different than having sex at home. Sex at home is so passionate. …sex with my boyfriend is emotionally charged. I enjoy the sex at work, too, but it’s not the same.”


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She added, “Of course there are insecurities with the men I date. I’m sure it’s tough knowing that the one you love everyone jerks off to.”


Her turn-ons are good hygiene, a sense of humor and humility sprinkled with confidence. She said, “I’m a very silly person. I don’t take myself too seriously and…a lot of people are intimidated by me and I don’t know why.”


Nikki Benz said about the industry: “My friend Lisa Ann once said, ‘Doing porn is like getting a tattoo on your face. Everyone will always know.’”


She considers herself a realist. “Been through too much bullsh*t to feel otherwise.”


Nikki Benz resides in Los Angeles.

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