Natasha Yi

Born in Boston, Natasha Yi is an American model and actress best known as a former Barkers Beauty on The Price Is Right, (2005-2006) the first Asian model to appear on the show.

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As a teenager, her family moved back and forth between Colorado and Connecticut. She has two sisters and comes from a conservative Korean family. As a child, Natasha Yi would sing along to her female heroes, playing the role of a performer ( While in her senior year of high school at McDonalds a Playboy scout spotted her, and the rest is history.

Natasha Yi has also appeared in several commercials and ad campaigns, including Nokia, Regis Hair Salons, Pepsi, Marriot, Sony, Bud Light, among others.

But its probably her appearances in several magazines that gained her even more attention. They include FHM, Maxim, Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair, The New York Post, Playboy, Mens Fitness, Steppin Out, and others. When she appeared in Playboy Newsstand Specials (Book of Lingerie, Wet & Wild, Sexy Celebrities and Asian Beauties) she was voted one of Readers Choice Top 10 models. She told, The funny thing was, I didnt know Playboy had nudity on her first shoot. She was also the first Asian woman to appear on the cover of Lowrider.

Natasha Yi segued from modeling into acting, with roles in Rush Hour 2, The Scorpion King Cradle 2 The Grave, Speed Dating, and The Rundown. Other cameos include The Jimmy Kimmel Show, and Rules of Engagement. Natasha Yi also hosted Octane TV.

She stars in her own comic series based on the lifestyle and adventures of being a model and actress called Nats Adventures. An animated series is in production. And for those video game fans, Natasha Yi has been animated in games such as SRS by Namco and 187 Ride or Die by Ubisoft.

In her spare time, Natasha Yi rides her Big Dog motorcycle that was customized by her friend Arlen Ness.

Natasha Yi told, something cool about having boobs is getting to shop for awesome bras. Natasha Yi also explains that sexy is mostly in a girls mind. Make a girl feel confident. Make a girl laugh. Show a girl you are a trustworthy reliable guy that will be there for her and the good sex will follow. Natasha added, she will never understand why men shout at women as they walk or drive by. Do they really think a girl is gonna say Oh my God, the way you whistled at me like an animal makes me want to stop the car and do you!

Finally, the most interesting compliment she got was from an older blonde lady in Texas. She said, You look cute for a Chinese person. What? Im not even Chinese.

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