Natalie Gauvreau

Natalie Gauvreau is a glamour model from Toronto who has done an excellent job of branding herself on social media. She's done a bit of almost everything: worked car events, promo work at night clubs, go-go dancing, even appeared in a variety of TV shows. She wrote "modeling is my passion, nothing makes me happier than being in front of that camera!" 

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Natalie Gauvreau grew up in a small town five hours north of Toronto, Canada where she said, "I always stood out because I'm a total city girl!" She has three sisters, twin brothers and "the best parents anyone could ask for!"


In high school, she was sent to the principal's office daily for violating the dress code. "I think they made up a new dress code policy just for me!" After high school Natalie Gauvreau took her real estate course and passed. She wrote, "I was so happy. But my first passion will always be modeling. I love being in front of that camera and having the attention on me."


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Natalie Gauvreau's turn-ons are getting massaged. "Good kisser, a man in a suit...and he must love to spoil the girl he's with." Her turn-offs include bad hygiene, immaturity and "guys that flirt with every girl drives me nuts." A bit of trivia: her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is Italian, and she loves watching reality TV.


She said about herself: "I always say what's on my mind and yell when I want, cry when I'm hurt, laugh when I'm happy and dance around my room daily!" Natalie Gauvreau added, "I would have to say I'm a bit of a material girl but I still appreciate the simple things in life. As long as I can remember I've always been a little trouble maker in school and a bit boy crazy! Even in kindergarten I remember the boys running away from me when I would chase them around the sand box...ha! (they're not running anymore!)"


Her hobbies include traveling, shopping, cooking and working out.


Natalie Gauvreau is currently single and resides in Toronto.

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