Miranda Lambert

Miranda Leigh Lambert is an American singer-songwriter who jumped to fame on the 2003 season of “Nashville Star.” Though she finished in third place, she signed to Epic Records and her album Kerosene went Platinum. She has since released a total of four albums and is married to country singer Blake Shelton. 

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Miranda Lambert was raised in Lindale, Texas. She said, “We lived on a farm with a big garden and rabbits and hogs – some were pets and some were for food. It taught me how to live off the land and that small-town life made me who I am.”


After seeing a Garth Brooks concert, Miranda got interested in country music. She said it was a "life-changing experience." Her father actually wrote songs and Miranda performed them in talent shows, sometimes singing in local restaurants. She said growing up that she would sit “on the porch listening to my dad play Merle Haggard. I was kind of ingrained that way and I think that has a lot to do with who I am now.”


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In high school, she made her professional singing debut with the band “The Texas Pride Band.” When competing on “Nashville Star,” she was hoping not to win. “The winner had to go in right after the contest and make a record in a couple weeks, and I wasn’t ready.”


In 2012, Miranda Lambert earned nine CMA Award nominations, the most for any female artist in the CMA history (people.com).


She said she hates beach balls and calls them “the enemy.” “When I’m singing a ballad on stage and a beach ball comes flying at my head it makes me crazy, so I keep a box cutter on my drum riser for such occasions.” As for her career, she said, “It’s a little scary, because I’ll never know when it’s just gonna stop. And I am just afraid it’s gonna stop abruptly.”


In 2008, Esquire magazine named her “Terrifying Woman of the Year,” citing her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend album as a revenge fantasy.


She considers a Southern girl someone who “is sweet and hospitable but also confident and strong. A Southern girl isn’t a pushover and will kick your a*& if needed.”


Aside from singing, Miranda Lambert made her acting debut on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in 2012. Miranda said, “I never wanted to act. I still don’t. I don’t want to become an actress. I just wanted to be on the show mainly so I could be a groupie.”


Her marriage to Blake Shelton, however, has become tabloid fodder with rumors of their divorce.

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