Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was born to parents Mark, a mechanical engineer and Elvira, a physics teacher, in the former Soviet Union.

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  • D.O.B. August 14, 1983
  • Age35
  • NationalityUkraine
  • Current Town Los Angeles, CA
  • Height5' 4"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress/Model
  • Marital Status Single
  • Related Celebrities Dated Macaulay Culkin; dating Ashton Kutcher


Her full name is Milena Markovna Kunis. She has an older brother, Michael, who is six years older than she. When she was seven, her parents moved to the United States because they saw no future in the Soviet Union and witnessed anti-Semitism.

In Los Angeles, Mila Kunis went to school at Rosewood Elementary School and didn't speak English. She later attended Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle School. After enrolling in an after-school acting classes, she landed an agent and appeared in commercials, including Barbie, Lisa Frank products and Payless shoes. Later she landed TV parts on "Days of Our Lives," "Baywatch," and "7th Heaven."

Mila Kunis is probably most famous for her role in "That 70's Show," where she played the part of Jackie Burkhart. The show was a hit and ran for eight seasons. She graduated from Fairfax High School in 2001, but used an on-set tutor during most of her high school years. After graduation, she attended UCLA and Loyola Marymount University, but realized she wanted to act full time.

While still filming "That 70's Show," she won the role of Meg Griffin on the animated sitcom "Family Guy," replacing Lacey Charbert. Film roles were more sporadic until the 2008 film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall, "Max Payne" and the 2010 actioner "The Book of Eli." She went on to co-star in the Oscar-nominated "Black Swan," where she had to train for four hours a day, seven days a week on a 1,200-calorie a day diet. She said of her look at 98 pounds, "Flat, flat, flat! There was no shape, no form, nothing, nothing, nothing. When I was shooting 'Black Swan,' everyone was like, 'Gosh, you're really too skinny.' Then my weight starting bouncing back and they're like, 'She looked better when she was anorexic-looking!' You can't please anyone! It was just for work. I didn't do it because I had issues. Now this is my normal weight that I started with."

Her film career continued to accelerate with starring roles in "Friends with Benefits" and "Ted."

Mila Kunis supports the troops, too. After Sgt. Scott Moore posted a YouTube video asking her to attend the U.S. Marine Corps Ball, Mila Kunis accepted his invitation and accompanied him in November 2011.

In 2012, Christian Dior signed Mila Kunis to be the face of its Spring fashion campaign.

Mila Kunis does not have a MySpace, Facebook or Twitter account due to privacy concerns.

She dated Macaulay Culkin from 2002-2010 and noted that marriage is not something that's important to her. Mila is currently dating Ashton Kutcher.

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