Michelle Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez is an Asian model and winner of Miss Super Street 2011. She is also working towards a singing career. According to her profile on modelmayhem.com, her measurements are 32-22-34 with a D cup and she weighs 100 lbs. She is mainly Filipino, but is also a mix of Chinese and Japanese descent. She wrote on MySpace that her body was 100% natural.

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  • D.O.B. February 24, 1988
  • Age30
  • Hometown Kauai, Hawaii
  • NationalityAmerica
  • Current Town Los Angeles
  • Height5' 0"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • Ethnicity Asian
  • Job Model
  • Twitter @MissMIsanchez
  • Marital Status Single


Michelle Sanchez, or as she is sometimes called, “Mi,” grew up in Hawaii, but moved to Anaheim and later Los Angeles. She wrote, “Island gal, city livin’.”


She’s worked as a Go-Go Dancer at Rick Rock Productions, Rumours, O-Lounge, Element, Stay Fresh Entertainment, Cinespace, Zazabar and Sugar, among other venues.


She starred at Hot Imports Night and SpoCom car shows, as well as modeled for “Models In The Trunk.”


Michelle Sanchez was raised by her mother and aunts for the first few years of her life. She’s been in heels since she could walk and she has always worn make-up and party dresses. She said, “As I’m growing to be more of a woman, I’ve also come to broaden my horizons to not only the simple appreciation of beauty, or the skilled manipulations of alterations through editing…but I’m also beginning to appreciate ART.”


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Michelle calls Kapa’a on the island of Kauai home, but she is currently living in Los Angeles. She said she is an iron chef at cooking. “I’m amazing at making things that I like such as cakes, seafood and chicken.” When it comes to partying, she said nothing beats XS in Las Vegas. And when she orders at the bar, she’s getting Lychee martinis or Midori sours.


Michelle kills a lot of time on Facebook. “Not many people know this about me, but I moved to Cali two years ago with no family and no close friends, hence why I loved keeping in touch.”


Michelle Sanchez’s guilty pleasure is taking self-photos. When it comes to men and dating, Michelle wants a man that is sharp and someone who can both intrigue and teach her things. “Honestly, I’m not looking for a boyfriend. Boyfriends are a trial and error kind of deal and I’m pretty over that phase. What I want is a companion…someone that...is down to ride or die for me.” No tattoos or smokers, either. “Show me a man with a soul that isn’t shallow and you’ve already got 75% of my heart” (em-oi.com).


Michelle Sanchez wrote, “I may come off as sassy, sometimes cocky…I despise those who hurt ones I love…but you’ll realize I’m a keeper.”

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