Michelle Jenner

Michelle Jenner is a Spanish film and television actress. She's starred in films such as "Spanish Movie" and "Open Windows," as well as the historical fiction series "Isabel."

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Michelle Jenner Husson was born in Barcelona, Spain to French actress and music hall dancer Martine Husson and Spanish actor Miguel Angel Jenner on September 14, 1986. Growing up in such a privileged household, she was able to study theater, singing and dance at the Company & Company school, as well as acting at the Nancy Tunon school. Of course, when you are already starring in commercials by the time you are two years old, that comes with the territory.

By the time she was six, Michelle expanded her career in entertainment to voice acting. Most notably, she voiced the Hermione character in the Spanish versions of the first four Harry Potter films, as well as Giosue from the Italian film "Life is Beautiful." Further down the line, she would go on to dub the main character in the Playstation 3 game "Heavy Rain" as well.

Of course, voice acting and commercials are only a small portion of Michelle's long and fruitful career thus far. In 2001, she began her first official television series role on "El cor de la ciutat." By 2005, she had landed her longest-running gig to date as Sara Miranda on the series "Paco's Men." From here, she would go on to star on several more series including "Todas las mujeres" and "Isabel," where she played the title character.

Michelle's career also includes starring in a number of films. After her initial film role in 2000's "Faust," she has gone on to play Hada in "Spanish Movie," Julia in "Extraterrestrial," and a possessed woman in the 2014 thriller "Open Windows," which starred Elijah Wood.

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