Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker is an actress probably best known for her Golden Globe winning role as Nancy Botwin in “Weeds.” She also won a Tony Award for “Proof” in 2001.

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  • D.O.B. August 2, 1964
  • Age54
  • Hometown Fort Jackson, South Carolina
  • NationalityAmerica
  • Current Town New York City
  • Height5' 8"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress
  • Marital Status Single


Mary-Louise Parker is notably not active on social media and said the world had gotten “too bitchy.” She added, “It’s sport for people, it’s fun to get on at night and unleash their own self-loathing by attacking someone else who they think has a happier life.”


Mary-Louise Parker grew up the youngest of four kids and moved a lot due to her father’s Army career. In, she said she had a “profoundly unhappy” childhood, adding, “I think everybody should be in therapy, don’t you?” She is a self-described lonely adolescent “crippled by my awkwardness,” and she finds it ironic that she’s seen as a sex symbol.


Mary-Louise Parker is known for turning down Teri Hatcher’s role in “Desperate Housewives.” “I just felt like somebody else could probably do it a lot better…she’s totally suited to it, and she does a great job.”


She didn’t think people were going to like “Weeds.” “I didn’t think people were really gonna go for it. In our country, people are really, really intense abut drugs.” About her role on "Weeds," Mary-Louise Parker said, “It’s good for my kids if I can do concentrated work, so the rest of the year I can be with them. I like having regular hours…I don’t like to sit around much, because I start to get really spacey. I like to work a lot, keep working, keep doing stuff. If I’m inert for too long, I kind of wilt.”


For her role as Hedda Gabler on Broadway, Mary-Louise Parker took piano lessons for five months in order to perform authentically for less than five minutes each night ( Her other roles include parts in “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “The West Wing,” and “Boys on the Side,” among others.


Aside from acting, Mary-Louise Parker has written for Esquire. A few of her nuggets: “I’m not jealous. I would expect a man I’m with to look at a beautiful woman. If he doesn’t, he’s trying to hide something.” And, “I never feel more useful than when I’m making my kids a bowl of soup.”


Mary-Louise Parker has two children: one from former boyfriend Billy Crudup and an adopted daughter from Ethiopia. She wrote, “My kids have taught me that I’m not as good a person as I like to think I am, and that I’m not as bad a person as I sometimes think I am.”


She said of her relationship with ex-Billy (who left her when she was pregnant for Claire Danes): “I’ve never commented on the situation, and I won’t because it’s not fair to my son…who wins? No child can benefit in that situation. Your love for your child should eclipse any other feelings you have for another person.”


Mary-Louise Parker resides in a duplex apartment in New York’s Greenwich Village.


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