Marica Hase

Marica Hase, or as she is sometimes known, Marika, is a Japanese adult model and actress and the first ever Japanese Penthouse Pet. She appeared in the January 2013 issue. Fans may recognize her from her work in “How To Train A Delinquent Teen 2” and “Up My Asian Ass,” among other titles. Her measurements are 32B-22-25, and her body is all-natural.

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Marica Hase was born in 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. Growing up, her parents were really strict and she was a serious student. Her life was school and lessons, but her dream was always to become an actress. She began as a gravure model in 2007. (A gravure model is a Japanese swimsuit or lingerie model). She released a nude photobook in 2008.


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Marica Hase wrote on Facebook: “I am from Japan. I am learning English while filming porn…men love me!” She told Barelist that her first job was as a regular actress after she graduated from high school. She got into the Japanese skin biz after she audition for a Japanese company.


Marica Hase admitted she told her friends and family about her choice to become a porn actress. “I am proud of my work, so I am glad that I talked with them.” If she weren’t a porn star, she said she would become a traveler or novelist. She shared that in real life she is a masochist. “All my ex-boyfriends were sadist. So, I played S&M in my normal life. I didn’t know normal sex before I became a porn actress.”


The favorite part of her body is her lips. “My lips are chunky, so I think they are sexy.” Her least favorite part is her feet. “Almost all Oriental girls have short legs. It’s not sexy when I cross my legs.”


Marica Hase stays in shape by stretching before she goes to bed.


She said she’s a normal girl “except for shooting porn." Her ordinary day is hanging out with her cat. “I’m a porn traveler, so I have to leave my kitty often. It makes me sad. So, when I come back to Japan, I always kiss and hug my kitty all day long.”


Marica Hase said filming American porn is different than Japanese. “American girls have to bring outfit everyday…water bring to ourselves…staff don’t take care for American girls…I was confused.”


Marica Hase resides in Tokyo, Japan and she is currently single.

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