MacKenzie Porter

MacKenzie Lea Porter is a Canadian actress and country singer. Most recently, she was cast as a regular on AMC’s Western drama series “Hell on Wheels.” While you may not recognize the name, you may recognize her face, as she’s appeared in a variety of shows since 2007, including “Dinosapien” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas.”

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MacKenzie Porter was raised on a cattle ranch in a town called, of all things, Medicine Hat. She began playing a variety of instruments when she was four years old. She was inspired by her older brother. “I saw him playing and practicing and wanted to be like him.”


As a kid, MacKenzie toured with the family band and her brother, the 2004 “Canadian Idol” winner Kalan Porter. “We started rehearsing in the living room just for fun, singing along with Grandma and it progressed into the garage as we started adding more instruments and dance routines. We were like the ‘Albertan’ Jackson 5. It just built from there.”


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MacKenzie Porter described herself as a “small town girl with big time dreams. For as long as I can remember, I have had this deep passion to perform…and even though, at times, it seems overwhelming and unattainable, I will continue to pour all of my energy into it.”


She later moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in acting. “I started acting in local theatre when I was really young. My mom encouraged me to take part because she knew how much of a drama queen I am.” While there, she teamed with Andrew Jenkins and formed the band “The Black Boots.” In 2010, she launched her own solo career.


MacKenzie Porter was the winner of the 2011 Nashville North Star competition and because of it, she opened for Kenny Chesney. “It was my first stadium show and I’ll never forget it! I was incredibly nervous…but I got through it, and so proud of it.”


A year later, she released her debut single “I Wish I’d Known.” MacKenzie Porter resides in Los Angeles.

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