Lynsey Dyer

Lynsey Dyer is an American freestyle and big mountain skier. She is famous for being the first female on the cover of Freeskier magazine, as well as hosting numerous shows for NBC and ESPN. 

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Although her talents transcend it, Lynsey will always be known for her skiing first and foremost. It's a hard not to be, as she was the first woman to appear on the cover of Freeskier magazine. She was also once named Powder magazine's "Female Skier of the Year." Getting her start ski racing in Sun Valley, Idaho, she went on to Montana State University, where she majored in Graphic Design and Photography along with skiing working on her ski racing skills. Soon, she took the gold at the Junior Olympics in the downhill event. From their, she continued to dominate the slopes, winning virtually every big mountain skiing event she entered.


While those unfamiliar with Lynsey Dyer know her as only a professional skier, she is so much more. For starters, she founded the organization known as She-Jumps, whose intention is to focus on young women and getting them to participate in more outdoor activities. This is done through year-round programs designed to get girls outside, utilizing adventure, education, and, community building in the process.


Beyond skiing and charity work, Lynsey is also known as a model, TV personality, professional photographer and illustrator, and even a filmmaker. She has hosted numerous shows for ABC, NBC and ESPN, including 2006's "Freestyle Files" and 2007's "The Ski Tour," as well as appeared on "Good Morning, America." She has also appeared as herself in films such as 2008's "Down Days" and "Such is Life," as well as the documentaries "The Story" in 2010 and "All.I.Can." in 2011. 

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