Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lucy Mecklenburgh is an English model and reality TV star who is probably best known for her appearance on the British show “The Only Way Is Essex.” She is also the owner of a boutique called “Love Lucy.”

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Lucy Mecklenburgh rose to fame, seemingly overnight, when she asked to appear on “The Only Way is Essex” because she was dating the show’s leading male character at the time, Mark Wright.


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Lucy said she liked the trappings of fame, but it came at an emotional price ( As for being recognized on the street for the first time, she said, “It was weird…people were coming up to me and wanting pictures and I was like ‘why would they want a picture of me?’” As for the show, she said, “Things are exaggerated, it’s got to be a bit extreme, because otherwise people wouldn’t be interested…I would say 80% is real and 20% is fiction.” Acting however is not in her future. “I cannot act and I can’t sing, drama was my worst subject.”


Lucy Mecklenburgh said she is generally confident when she’s naked. “Although I don’t like my boyfriend seeing my bum. I could tone it up a bit.” She admitted her biggest body issue is her legs “because they’re quite short. My dad calls me Stumpy! I wear heels quite a lot." Lucy likes her boobs, however. “They’re the right size for my body. I think my face is fat. I look like a hamster!” Her favorite boy part is her waist.


She said she’s also against plastic surgery. “I wouldn’t touch my face at this age.”


A bit of trivia: she considers herself a foodie and loves pizza. She also has over 1.2 million Twitter followers.


After her breakup with Mario Falcone, there was concern she got too skinny. She said, “After I split up…I did get a bit too skinny, but I did something about it. I don’t like the skinny-skinny look.” Lucy refuses to diet. “I would rather treat myself and work out than deprive myself of all the lovely things in life.”


As for guys, Lucy Mecklenburgh said, “I’m definitely not attracted to a womanizer. Oh God, I hope not. The problem is, cheeky, confident and cocky guys with the gift of the gab are always the ones who pursue me.” Lucy said she never made a sex tape but confessed she dreams of being the British Kim Kardashian ( 


Lucy Mecklenburgh resides in Essex, England.

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