Lola Ponce

Paola Fabiana Ponce aka Lola Ponce is an Argentine singer-songwriter probably best known to Latin audiences, but she has fans in the States. She has released five albums, including “Fearless” and “Lola.” She has been called one of the most beautiful women in Argentina and Italy.

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There are differing reports as to whether Lola Ponce was born in 1977, 1979 or 1982. Her height, too, is sometimes disputed between 5’ 7” versus 5’ 4”. What is agreed upon is that she grew up in a musical family and later formed a duo with her brother when she was only 3 years old. They sang folklore songs.


As a teenager, Lola Ponce was an actress and had a role in a popular Argentine series, “Chiquititas.” She later attended the University of Buenos Aires, but dropped out in order to pursue a career in music.


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Aside from her musical talents, Lola Ponce has appeared on Argentina’s version of “Dancing with the Stars,” as well as a variety of Latin TV shows.


In 2008, it was reported that she was seen “getting close” to George Clooney at the Venice Film Festival “Not On Our Watch” Charity Gala.


Lola Ponce has one child, Erin Diaz (born in 2013) with her partner Aaron Diaz.  She and Aaron starred together in the Mexican telenovoa “El Talisman” where they played brother and sister. They also recorded a song together, “Coqueta.”


She continues to pursue opportunities in acting and singing.

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