Linn Haug

Linn Haug is a Norwegian snowboarder. She was awarded the Rookie of the Year from the Norwegian Snowboard Awards in 2006. She was also nominated the female rider of the year, Norwegian Snowboard Awards in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

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Linn Haug grew up in Trondheim, one of the largest cities in Norway. She has been snowboarding most of her life but only started competing when she was 15 “because it never struck my mind.” She wrote on Twitter: “Retired Professional Snowboarder, Olympian, True Viking.”


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In 2006, Linn Haug joined the Junior National Team and Burton’s Norwegian Team. That same year she moved away from home to a snowboarding high school (go Norway!). In 2007, she participated in her first international contest in the states.


Linn Haug represented Norway at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver for the halfpipe events. However, she crashed during both of her runs and placed 27th out of 30, thus not qualifying for the semi-finals.


She said her friends call her “Big mouth,” and her favorite place to be is at “my cabin at Oppdal. Two hours away from my hometown. Peaceful spot up in the mountains.” She said snowboarding was like “having the best lava cake in history.”


When not snowboarding, Linn Haug likes to spend time with her friends and family. She said it also depends on where she is. “Play basketball or soccer, hang out with friends, play guitar, go shopping. I spend way too much time sitting in cafes drinking coffee and also on my MacBook. I love shooting photos.” She wrote, “to meet new people and see new places never gets old.”


Her worst habit is that she’s messy.


The last blog entry Linn Haug wrote was on February 28, 2012. She has since retired from the sport and is now married. When asked where she saw herself in ten years, she said, “lawyer, married with my first baby on the way. Settled down in Norway. Or living at home, playing my guitar on the street for money….”


Linn Haug resides in Norway.

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