Lilia Stepanova

Born in Chisinau, Moldova, Lilia Stepanova is a contortionist.

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Her parents, Alex and Ian, were also contortionists and Lilia began training in the art when she was five years old. She said in an interview with "America's Got Talent," "I used to watch my parents practice all the time. My mother used to do an aerial act." They toured together as the Stepanov Family. When asked if this made for a stressful childhood, Lilia said, "Not at all! I've been traveling ever since I was young. I once ran up onstage during a show when I was three years old" (

Lilia has been featured on television programs such as "The View," "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Steve Harvey's Big Time," "Best Damn Sports Show Period," and "E:60." Lilia Stepanova has also appeared in a commercial for Nykredit, a Danish bank.

Lilia has performed at NBA, NHL and NCAA halftime shows. Charles Barkley said, "It's one of the most amazing things I have ever seen." One of her signature moves is to perform archery with her feet while she is hand-balanced on canes. She performed this stunt on Season 1 of "America's Got Talent."

Regarding her training, Lilia Stepanova said, "I'm on stage for my act for only five minutes, but I also train and warm up before every single one of my performances for about an hour." She added, "Honestly.every single performance I do, I get nervous. I feel that as an artist, if you don't get nervous, get the adrenaline rush, you don't care about what you do."

When asked if she's bothered by the attention she attracts from men, Lilia Stepanova said, "No, because there's nothing I can do to control men. That's how men's minds work. I have to approve every single comment [on her social media].so I don't allow anything that's really creepy. But men will never stop having sexual thoughts, whether it's me or another female. So it doesn't bother me."

While she has had the opportunity to do modeling, Lilia said, "I don't do regular modeling.I had a spread in 944 Magazine.I don't consider myself a model; I'm too little to do modeling. I'm 4' 11"! On my driver's license, I lied and said that I was 5' 0"!" (

Lilia stays in shape, not by going to a regular gym, but an aerial gym. All the muscles she has are from lifting her own body, and she has never gone on a diet. She enjoys food too much. "Do not ever take food away from me. You'll be in trouble!"

In October 2012, Lilia posted on her Facebook that is she is expecting her first child and took a year off from performing. She is expecting "baby Nico on 12/12/12/." Lilia got married to her boyfriend Nick in Hollywood, California.

Lilia Stepanova splits her time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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