Leilani Dowding

Leilani Dowding is a British glamour model, probably most famous for her affiliation with Page Three. She was also the UK representative at Miss Universe in 1998. She appeared on “Tough Love Miami,” as well as Maxim magazine in December 2012.

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Leilani Dowding is a mix of Filipino-British ancestry, and was Miss Great Britain in 1998. Her name means “heavenly flower.” She described herself on Twitter as “Animal lover, fun friend and boring 1, lives to Love, responsible never serious.”


After high school, Leilani Dowding studied economics at Royal Holloway, University of London and was going to become a city trader. But at 18, she entered and won the 1998 Miss Great Britain competition and later became the first woman of Asian descent to represent Britain in the Miss Universe pageant. Her pageant wins opened the door for her to become a Page Three model.


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She has appeared in “Perfect 10: Model Boxing” and “Celebrity Fear Factor UK.” She is a horse-riding enthusiast who stays in shape with core workouts.


Since retiring from glamour modeling, Leilani Dowding has launched her own clothing line. After moving to Los Angeles, she began making dresses that she wanted to wear. “L.A. is a hard place to find something sexy AND elegant. People would always ask 5 or 6 times where I got them…whenever I wore them, so I started small, making one style at a time.”


She dated Stephen Dorff, but they split and she accused him of sending her threatening text messages. She was once married to Richie Palmer, the ex-husband of Raquel Welch.


Leilani Dowding said, “I don’t define success by money.” As for starring in “Tough Love Miami,” she said the worst part is “when they see you air your dirty laundry, but I’m not the most private person anyway. The best part is being able to watch back and see yourself from someone else’s perspective.”


Her instant turn-off is “bad manners and negativity.”


Leilani Dowding has also spent time playing poker. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

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