Leah Francis

Leah Francis is one of Britain's most famous and sexy glamour models. Possessing an astonishing pair of 34GG breasts, it's no wonder she often graces the covers of Nuts and ZOO magazines. 

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Leah Francis was born in Southampton, England on September 9, 1987. Ever since high school, she knew she was different than the other girls. This as not any sort of mental or social difference though, she just happened to have an extremely large pair of 32E breasts. However, what set her apart from the pack is also what put her on a career path that has taken her above and beyond anything she could have expected.


Upon graduating high school, Leah knew it was time to put her tremendous body to use in the form of modeling. Prior to this, her interest had lied in opera singing. Her career in modeling started in men's publications such as The Sun's Page 3, Nuts, and ZOO. Most notably, her first ever shoot with ZOO in December 2010 was with fellow model, Alice Goodwin. Needless to say, that was about all it took to get men everywhere hooked on her. It doesn't hurt either, that she is extremely comfortable being nude, often times in public.


At a certain point (even though no one was complaining), Leah decided it was time to up her cup size. In August of 2011, she got an enhancement procedure done, and went from her already ample 32E to 34GG. Again, no one was complaining. Her popularity continued to increase as well, and as of the time of this bio, she has graced the cover of ZOO magazine six times. According to the magazine, she considers her new, bigger breast her “own personal cannonballs.” We're not saying we would ever want to be shot by a cannon, but in her case we would have to make an exception. 

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