Lauren Abraham

Lauren Krewson Abraham is an American TV personality and model.

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Per her Twitter, Lauren Abraham is a “TV host, Action Sportscaster, Fitness Model, Yogi, Rogue SUP Athlete, Athlete, Published Journalist, Mountain Mermaid!”


She is a mix of Spanish, French, Irish and Lebanese ancestry and is one of 12 children, with nine brothers.


Lauren Abraham got into sports as a young child and by the time she was in middle school, she had already won ski-racing competitions and was on her way to the Junior Olympics. In high school, she was editor-in-chief of her school’s art and literary magazine.


After high school, she attended Sierra Nevada College and started the school’s snowboard team, and she received the first snowboard scholarship in the school’s history. But an accident in 2001 while she was a stunt double on a film in her junior year almost left her paralyzed.


“I didn’t remain positive and motivated…before that injury, I had already blown out my left knee, broken my back twice, and blew out both shoulders.” After her accident, her father didn’t talk to her for two years and she went into a major psychological “hardcore abyss of alcohol, drugs and other problems.”


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Lauren Abraham had to drop out of school and stop competing. She went through two years of physical therapy, and still has chronic arthritis.


She segued to hosting after being hired on Fox Sports Net “Rush Hour.” Her other hosting jobs include “The Best Damn Sports Show Period,” “Destination Wild” and “The Gorge Games.”  She’s also hosted live events for ESPN and has acted as an emcee.


Not only that, but she also models, including pictorials for Iron Man, World Physique Magazine, Stand Up Paddle Magazine and SHAPE Middle East, among many others.


Lauren Abraham doesn’t drink, smoke and has cut out caffeine. While living in Santa Monica, she discovered the famous Santa Monica Stairs, and she’s up to about twenty flights a day, minimum.


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“I’m going to be acting, surfing, getting very spiritual and pH balanced in the quest for my soul mate.”


She looks for a guy who is as driven as she is. “He’s definitely got to be into extreme sports. And he has to be in great shape. Not a meathead, but not a skinny dude either. I want the guy in between – the athletic build.” She added, “I won’t stand cowards.”


She also has ADHD. “But it’s working for me. I’m not going to medicate it.”


Lauren Abraham lives in Santa Monica, CA.

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