Kitty Lea

Kitty Lea is a British glamour model probably best known for appearing in Nuts, Bizarre and Loaded.

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Admittedly, there is not much information on Kitty Lea. She seems to speak more through her pictures than in interviews. But what we found may be interesting. Per her Facebook, she is available for web cam sessions via the site.


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And per Kitty Lea's model mayhem site, she offers consulting services for “new girls starting out in the industry. I shall be your coach for the day. I will tell you everything from poses to agencies and give you the best start.”


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Kitty Lea got into modeling when she was 18. Within a year, she appeared on the cover of every glamour magazine and had her own calendar. She calls her fan base her “army.” She also is active on Twitter (with many thousands of followers) where she posts photos and Vines.


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Kitty Lea also dipped her toe into the poker world, acting, and is now breaking into DJing. Between 2009 and 2010, she appeared in the films “Blood Army” as Muncy; “Kung Fu Flid” as a Hooker and “Just for the Record” as Penny.


Aside from modeling, Kitty Lea likes poker, acting, modeling, DJing, weapons, dancing, burlesque and killer whales. Quite a list.


Kitty Lea resides in England.

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