Kennedy Leigh

Kennedy Leigh is an adult model and actress. A relative newcomer to the industry, she got into the business in 2012 when she was 18 because she wanted to have sex “with a porn star.”

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She picked the name Kennedy as a stage name because it was classy and original. And “Leigh just sounded right.” She got into porn because she’d also been thinking about it “for a long, long time.”


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The first time she had sex was at age 15 after asking a guy she liked in her history class to have sex with her. He did not know she was a virgin. They didn’t date afterwards, as she just wanted to lose her virginity.


As of this posting, Kennedy Leigh has done only one anal scene. “It wasn’t exactly my thing.” She added, “I’m open, I like to have fun.” Her favorite position is missionary. “I’m traditional, and doggie when I’m feeling nasty.” She said of her other skills, “My lack of a gag-reflex is like a God-given gift.” She also likes a very subtle hair pull.


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When asked about dating, Kennedy Leigh said, "I don’t look for guys to date. But if she did she’d want someone who wasn’t jealous and would “f*ck me and my friends, which I guess a lot of guys would do, so scratch that.” In a woman, she looks for someone who is confident and knows how to do her makeup.


In 2014, Kennedy Leigh earned several AVN nominations and won her first award for Best POV Sex Scene.


She resides in Arizona but travels to Los Angeles in order to work. Her other interests outside of work include horseback riding and playing the viola. She describes herself now as a “crazy dog lady.”


Kennedy Leigh has also been featured in the music video “Don’t Stop the Party” by rap singer Pitbull.

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