Kayden Kenzie

Kayden Kenzie is a model, webcam girl and pre-med student.

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Kayden Kenzie described herself on Twitter as “Model/CamGirl/PreMed. Trials & tribulations make me who I am. I grow from every experience I come into contact with. I am breaking the mold. I will not be broken.”


Her measurements are 34-24-34. She is a mix of French and Native American Cherokee ancestry. Kayden Kenzie said growing up that she was shy and an introvert. “I was put in every sport imaginable, finally stuck with gymnastics for 12 years since it was the most challenging. I had strict parents and was always expected to be at the top of my class with straight A’s. Most people would perceive me as a big partier, but I’m much the opposite.” She was active in gymnastics for over a decade and competitive danced for seven years, including jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and pointe.


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She also participated in pageants; her first was when she was two years old. She continued until she was about 12.


Kayden also didn’t have much time for boys. “I would only date guys who wanted a long term relationship.”


She moved to Austin to attend UT for her pre-med courses. She likes medicine because it’s great pay, good hours with the fields she’s chosen and “a career in medicine is always guaranteed to be needed.”


Kayden Kenzie said what makes her an Xxotic angel is “having confidence in myself, working hard, yet having fun, and [I] know how to turn the boys on while also having a touch of class.”


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She decided to become a webcam model because “It ended up being the obvious choice in a source of income since it would work with my course schedule for college, and pay much more than other jobs would.”


Ironically, Kayden Kenzie wasn’t always comfortable with her body. “I just said to myself I need to suck it up and get the money I need to get myself through college.” She added a lot of her main customers are now close friends that she can talk to about anything.


Sexually, Kayden Kenzie is bisexual, and has had one threesome, but according to an interview in 2011, she’s never done anal or had a DP. She likes her man in missionary position because “I love looking into the face and seeing the reaction of him going in and out of me.” 

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