Kat Graham

Katerina Alexandre Graham aka Kat Graham is a multi-talented actress, singer and model probably best known for her role of Bonnie Bennett on “The Vampire Diaries.”

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Her nicknames are Kat and KG.


Though born in Switzerland, Kat Graham grew up in California and can speak fluent English, French and Spanish, and some Hebrew and Portuguese. She is a mix of Americo-Liberian, Polish Jewish and Russian Jewish ancestry. Her father was a music executive and is the godfather of two of Quincy Jones’ kids.


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Kat began doing ads as a child. As a child and teen, she appeared in ads for Barbie, Pop Tarts, K-Mart and Edison. When she was 15, she worked as a back-up dancer for lil’ Bow Wow. Other background dancing opportunities followed, as did music video appearances.


While completing high school, she attended The Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, California.


A fan of cooking, she enrolled in culinary school in 2009. Her other passions include animals and art. “The history of things, knowing the background of that story behind it.”


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In 2007, Kat Graham toured with the Black Eyed Peas on their Black Blue & You World Tour.


She has a tattoo on her inner wrist in Latin that means “Know thyself.”


Kat segued into acting with her debit on Disney Channel’s “Lizzie McGuire.” Many other roles followed, including parts on “The O.C.,” “Boogie Town” and “Greek.”


She’s released three EP’s, including “Wanna Say (Remixes),” “Against the Wall” and “The Remixes.” When asked if she wanted to attempt a proper album versus releasing singles, she said, “I grew up listening to albums, I appreciate albums...I hope to have that one day, but times are different now. People have shorter attention spans. You have to do as much as you can with one song.”


Kat Graham said her biggest audience and most loyal fans have been “my gay fan base.”


As to her role on “The Vampire Diaries,” she said, “I’m not emotionally attached to the characters I’m assigned to play, the fans are." She added in a previous interview that before landing the role, “I had 86 cents to my name and I had a lot of debt.”

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