Karlee Ironside

Karlee Ironside is an Australian glamour model. She has been featured in the popular men's publication, Zoo Weekly

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Karlee Marie Ironside is all over the map when it comes to her modeling career. This is not to say that her career is unorganized or struggling in any way; the young model out of Mandurah, Western Australia just has a lot going on. First and foremost, she is a glamour, swimwear, fashion and fitness model. She started her glamorous venture into modeling in 2009, when she moved from her home in Mandurah to Gold Coast, Australia.


Like many aspiring glamour models, Karlee has been featured in the pages of Zoo Weekly. Not surprisingly, she is also 5' 7", and has a bust of 32DDD. Surely, that has played a part in her recent successes, particularly headlining her first International magazine spread. A bit of an impulsive gal, she's even earned the nickname "Crazy Karlee" due to the fact that she has a tendency to do and say things without thinking first. This comes in handy during her photoshoots, as the wilder you are, the better the photographs. Of course, being wild and impulsive will go a long way, but sometimes it's still not enough. as the buxom blonde said she was once sent away from a modeling gig in Korea for having too big of breasts. Luckily, that doesn't seem to be a problem anywhere else.


Aside from her career in modeling, Which Karlee has made priority number one, she'd also eventually like to begin studying to become a youth counselor specializing in helping bullied children. She believes that as a Leo, she is a born leader, and hopes that she can lead troubled children on the right path to a smile on their faces. She tries her very best to also live her life by the golden rule of doing onto others as as you'd want them to do onto you. 

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