Kaitlyn Mason

Kaitlyn Mason is a model from Texas who has appeared in a variety of magazines and websites, including Low Rider. She's since been blowing up on the internet with her popular Instagram. She's even got a calendar in the works.

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Kaitlyn Mason gets her beautiful looks from a blend of Vietnamese, Spanish and Caucasian ancestry. As for what she likes best about her body, she said, "My eyes are definitely my best trait. And my ass. I like my ass. I get the most compliments on that."


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In an interview with Low Rider, she said the best way to approach her is not to come up and compliment her. "I feel like everyone does that and it's really cliché. Also, don’t drop some pick up line. I’ve never really been one to be picked up. There’s not really a certain way to do it."


She's also kissed a girl. "I’ve actually dated girls before. After my ex, I was like, ‘Screw guys!’ Girls are different. Girls know what girls want. I like Barbie looking girls. Girls that are really pretty, cute, and sweet. Girls that are like me!"


Kaitlyn Mason admitted to getting caught having sex in public. "I have been caught at Six Flags and at a movie theater. I have been caught in a car by a cop. I get caught a lot."


She got into modeling by accident. She said, "It kind of just...happened. Every little girl wants to be a model, I just happened to be good at it. Started young, met the right people and got pushed in the right direction. A lot of it was marketing and luck!"


As for her love of tattoos, she said, "For women my generation I think Kat Von D was the first female I watched growing up who was covered in ink and embraced it! I was in love with that woman growing up!" 


Kaitlyn Mason currently resides in Dallas, Texas and is single.

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